Elise – Oil Pressure / Temp Gauges

  Electrical, Engine

After the VVC upgrade my general paranoia regarding the the overheating of the K Series has been heighten (I’m repeatedly told to take a chill pill – but I can’t help it).

As part of my drive to monitor all things temperature related I’m adding oil temp and pressure gauges. This is loosely related to the Bluetooth upgrade as I’m placing the gauges in the stereo header slot.

Parts needed;
Sensor Adapter Take off to fit Temp/Pressure sensorsĀ (Elise, Exige, 340R) – Elise Shop

Plus source suitable senders (1/8 NPT) for the gauges you’ve selected (if the senders don’t come with the gauges you buy, I brought my VDO gauges second hand so had to find the correct VDO senders). There’s a Volt meter as well, I’m not adding instructions for this, other than wire it across the battery or from an ignition on live to a good earth.

As at 11th Feb 2018 I’d only just ordered to the sandwich from Elise Shop and the senders, will pick this up when the parts arrive . . .