Caterham – Roadsport 150 TB setup


Hi all,

The throttle bodies on the 150 are fantastic and sound great however if setup wrong can make the car run poorly with rough idle and “lumpy” power delivery.

Youll need an airflow metre, easimap software and the data cable. The software is free to download here. The cable is pricy so you may want to ask around to see if you can borrow one.

The adjustment on the TBs can be fiddly as the screws are almost under the fuel rail, it may be necessary to loosed off the rail and lift it off to get to the nut / screw. Don’t forget to disable the pump and turn the engine over to run through the fuel and remove pressure from the fuel system before lifting off the rail.

1) Set the TPS voltage very low – something like 0.9v. This ensures you can run the engine and move the idle screw about without the interference of the ECU thinking it needs to add fuel.
2) Balance the throttle bodies and set the idle speed to 950rpm. Useful if you have easimap because it will report the exact number rather than the rough approximation from your tacho needle. With the engine set like this you should see ~4.5 kg/hour on your synchrometer into each cylinder.
3) Set the TPS voltage to 1.04v
4) Double check you’ve still got 950rpm / 4.5kg/hour